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Art of Backgammon

Art of Backgammon

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Your new favorite Backgammon set reinvented to look equally good played or displayed in a concept Printworks calls "Coffee Table Games"

Their Backgammon opens up as a book and is played on a thin layer of acrylic with plastic game pieces. It comes with easy-to-read instructions in English, French and German. Recommended for up to four players and ages 5+.

  • Backgammon is a part of the Classic Games
  • Most exclusive series combining high quality and beautiful aesthetics
  • Includes easy instructions
  • Material: 60% FSC cert, acid free paper 10% acrylic 10% cotton 20% acrylic
  • Dimensions: 8.6 ” x 12” x 1.77"
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs



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